Global GameJam 2019


Hey ho good people,
This weekend it was time again. After the BBQ Jam 2018 in Munich and the Rocket-Beans Mobile Jam 2018 have already challenged us, we have joined the Global Games Jam 2019. After all, what would the world demand of us what Munich and Germany had not already demanded of us in the past jams? A piece of cake!

We didn't hesitate long and decided to register a Jam Site ourselves, so that we can spend a complete all-inclusive weekend in the office and don't have to go all the way to Munich every day. Sorry Munich, but Augsburg is simply nicer! Reality bites! ;) In addition, we were also under some pressure, because according to our knowledge, this was the first of its kind in Augsburg! And who else than us should host it? Write to us, if you know of an earlier Global Game Jam in Augsburg! :)

But of course it wasn't as simple as we had imagined! The organizational effort soon turned out to be challenging and we wished ourselves back to the homelike Werk 1. But we got some support from the local Game Jam veteran Niklas Riewald, who accompanied us with his coding skills.

Well and then there was this thing with the topic: "What does "home" mean to you!"... Sounds easy peasy at first! However, it was not so easy at all, but pretty weird and abstract. Therefore we had no other choice, than putting countless hours into concepts and putting the nice development work behind it. We came up with plety ideas, mostly bollocks, some AAA concepts and other things. But out of the ashes came finally, not the Phoenix, but Somnia. And Somnia is the spiritual child of three days without sleep and based on of never-ending five-minute terrine.

The game is an illustrative, completely handmade platformer, which completely renounces language, to be understood by all people, regardless of their language. The game takes the player into the emotional world of a long, arduous journey home. And because the whole thing has already been abstracted by the theme, this time we have also chosen to abstract the story, too. But we don't want to reveal too much here, because this time you have the unbelievable opportunity to play a Wildfuchs title for free, right here:

Leave us your Servus and check back soon!

We are looking forward to your feedback!
See you soon, your Wildfuchs-Team!