Our Team

What we do


We believe in accessibility, because accessibility should be a universal fundamental right! Barriers are walls that exclude people. And we want to tear them down, because the digital world has so much to offer.

And in this world, we can all be heroes!


We love games! For us, games are cultural asset, interactive entertainment and the key to uncountable fantasy worlds and engaging stories. Games are connecting people all over the world and are an unbelievably fun way to build bridges

We develope games because our passion is to share this passion with all ouf you.


We have a lot of knowhow in different disciplines. We take contract work for mobile and full stack web development. Furthermore we offer design and illustration services, coachings and different kinds of multimedia solutions. We are looking forward to your projects!

Just contact us!


Our Dream

Our dream is to tear down the border between mainsteam and accessible games. Everybody should have the means and rights to play whatever game one has the most fun with and do so with everybody else. That's why we aim to deliever an equal experience to as many players as possible to the best of our abilities.

The Target

Our big goal is to make Wildfuchs Interactive a game and media company that is known for it's innovative, creative products that distinguish themselves by their high quality, accessibility and excellent storytelling. We want our company to grow healthily and care especially for a harmonious team experience and high transparency towards our audience. You can read our blog to see what we are currently working on.