BBQ Gamejame in Munich


On September 8th 2018 we Wildfüchse participated in our first game jam as a team. Although but 5 of us foxes were present we were all the more eager!

At the BBQ GameJam hosted by Bavaria / Games were many developers and artists from southern germany and a lot of familiar faces. We knew all these people had the same goal: to develop a game in the short span of 8 hours and they would prove fierce competition. Eigth hours was a very limited timeframe so we had to stay away from bulged game concepts!

After a brainstorming, for which we were seperated in to groups by drawing lots, we went to realizing our idea as a team. The topic: Hotsauce!

Time was short, the topic difficult, heads were smoking, notebooks ablaze. Game mechanics and a fitting art style were developed. And the result of all of this? Hot Pool Party! A competitive 2D multiplayer deathmatch game. Unfortunately not accessible, but for a first alpha version very satisfying! And maybe we can improve accessibility in future versions!

Our Result for the Game Jam: Hot Pool Party

After each team had presented their game the relaxing part of the evening began - the BBQ. In a cozy round and with a cold beer in hand we got to know the other jammers. We sadly had no time for this beforehand.

But even the best days with newly found friends comes to an end eventually. Exhausted we went back home and dreamed about running along endless keyboards being chased by an ever catching up deadline.

It was a tremendously fun experience nontheless and we're looking forward to next year. Maybe with a little more grilled chesse dear Games Bavaria ;) and with the whole team.

What happend to Hot Pool Party you ask? Well, the rest of the pack asked the same question and happily tested the following day. And you can, too. But remember that this is a very early version developed in just 8 hours.

We are looking forward to your feedback!
See you soon!
Your Wildfüchse