About Us


Hello and welcome to Wildfuchs!
We are a small new StartUp from Augsburg and have a simple goal:

We want to follow our passion and make games for everyone. And by everyone we mean everyone. It was a simple idea and we thought about what it actually meant. From our own experiences and environment we know that for some it's not that easy.

Today's computer games are much more than just simple entertainment opportunities (for which they are also great). Many games or studios use this tool to share amazing worlds or stories with us or to point out problems in society or special fates. Others support scientific research or are used for therapy. And in this context we find on the one hand that games are wonderfully suitable to spread the idea of inclusion and on the other hand it should be possible for everyone to participate more in this virtual world.

We have seen through our research and surveys that in the area of web and games it are often only quite simple things, which would make it much easier or even possible for many people. Handling and user guidance, font size, contrasts and screenreader tags can be adjusted relatively quickly. The problem is that most people and companies simply don't even think about it. That's why we want to attract general attention to this topic again and have made accessibility in digital media our guiding principle.

But these simple support measures should not be the end of the story. For the future we are already planning bigger things. Let us surprise you ;)

If you want to find out more about us and our little StartUp, then have a look at here.

Of course we are also looking forward to your feedback! You can contact us under info@wildfuchs-ia.de.
See you soon!
Your Wildfüchse