Allgäu GameDev 07


On 25.4 we were in Kempten for the second time at the outstanding Allgäu GameDev lecture series of the Allgäu Digital. But this time we did not sit in the audience, but were invited as speakers to report to the students from the long, difficult road to their own gamestudio.

As with all GameDev events, there were two presentations. Dr. Rudolf Inderst, International Community Strategist & PR Circuit Editor at performed before us on the stage and enlightened us about community management and the evaluation of the unevaluable. We would like to thank him in particular, not only for the interesting talk, but especially for the Koch Media Care package, that we almost forgot to pick it up from the post office. But now we're fed and clothed. So well prepared we can take off again on the stony road! And among us: Metro was absolutely amazing! :)

Best regards to Christian Dorsch, who made this experience possible for us, and a big thank you to the Kempten University of Applied Sciences, and Prof. Bernd Dreier, one of the most passionate games lecturers in Germany. And of course thanks to all the previously unmentioned ones who listened to us, laughed with us and later asked us lots of questions. And last but not least thanks for the drinks and good conversations. We are always happy to come back to Kempten.

Link for the event

See you soon!
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