Gaming with Handicap - Survey


Hello foxes!
We founded our little startup because we have a mission. Our mission is to create games and content for everyone. And by everyone we mean everyone. No matter if you are visually impaired, deaf or have another handicap, we want to offer you all the best experience possible.

In order to accomplish this, however, we first have to find out what the problems have been so far. In the first step we have created a small survey for it. Then we asked you and you answered us. Almost 60 people filled out our survey online and we were able to interview some others in our personal environment. Thanks again! In addition to already existing studies and surveys, this survey has provided us with interesting and, above all, concrete information.

A detailed list of the results can be found below:

Results of the survey

Age distribution

Employment status

Degree of disability / Know somebody?

How much do you play?

On which devices?

Which genre do you play?
Jump 'n' Run
Parlour game
Role playing game
Dance / Lifestyle
Sports game

What makes a game unplayable? (Summary)
  • Complicated controls
  • Too many and / or static key assignment
  • No color blind mode and / or weak contrasts
  • Poor user guidance (camera and interface)
  • Too much and / or small text
  • Missing texts or translation
  • Too small figures and game elements
  • No voice over or screen reader subversion
  • Too few and bad auditory information
  • Too fast gameplay or scene changes
  • Too much advertisement

It was emphasized that nevertheless a thrilling story as well as a varied and challenging gaming experience is desired.

Technical aids (38% don't use one)

Frequency of use

What needs to change on the user interface? (Summary)
  • Intuitive usability and clarity
  • Short, easy to read texts
  • Voice Over or Screanreader compatibility
  • Adjustable volume (with subdivision to soften annoying noises)
  • Simple and easy-to-click buttons
  • Easy controls via various input devices
  • Possibility for own key assignmen
  • Contrasts must become better or more adjustable
  • Alternatively, rely more on different shapes
  • Adjustability of the UI size

That doesn't mean that our interface now only consists of four huge colorful buttons. Our task is to find an elegant solution. Ideas would be meaningful shortcuts, many configuration possibilities, reduction to the essentials, various hints about language or sound design, etc...

Our suggestions for improvement
How many of you found them at least a little helpful?
Better spatial sound design
Additional sounds or speech
Special input hardware
Special color design
Better or more text information
Simpler Language or Language Assistant
(Temporary) slowdown of the game
InGame Advantages
InGame Advantages in Multiplayer
Adjustability of violence

Building a barrier-free platform?
  • 84% think the idea of building a barrier-free gaming portal as an alternative to Steam is a great idea.
  • Ebenso believe 84% that the idea of a barrier-free news portal also makes sense.
  • And whole 88% would think it would be great if there was a rating portal that rated games according to different accessibility criteria.
  • On the other hand, only 72% believe that these platforms would actually be used to some extent. Some see the problem in the number of users and consider cooperation with existing platforms more appropriate.
  • 24% have indicated that they would like to actively participate in these platforms. 56% would at least participate something in it.
Market situation
  • Only 16% of you believe that there is a big market for such games. 64% you think is manageable.

We at Wildfuchs would like to emphasize that our goal is inclusion, in other words to develop games that can be played by everyone with as few restrictions as possible. Accessibility in games should not be a feature, but become the standard. Or at least to a guiding idea, because not all concepts can always be adapted, but that's not the problem.

We have seen through our research and surveys that in the area of web and games it is often only quite simple things, which would make it much easier or even possible for many people. Font size, contrasts and screenreader tags can be adjusted relatively quickly. The problem is that most people and companies simply don't even think about it. That's why we want to draw general attention to this topic again. We were very pleased that no matter where we addressed our project, we always received very positive feedback. If you want to tell us something further, please feel free to do so at any time.

Of course we are looking forward to your feedback!
See you soon!
Your Wildfüchse